Praise the Lord! Trump Won!

Praise the Lord! Donald Trump is our new President! God has had great mercy on us and has not cursed us with Hillary. God is giving America another chance. Let’s not blow it!

All Christians who repented, fasted, prayed, and begged God to give America another chance, don’t turn your back on God now! Don’t return to apathy! We must keep praying hard for revival, and keep diligently obeying God in our daily lives. God has shown us that He wants to save America and turn this Nation back to Him. But if we want God to fully bless us, we must do our best to fully obey Him!

Furthermore, We must pray everyday for President-elect Trump that God will give him wisdom to lead this nation properly. Trump’s job is not going to be easy. He has a huge mess to clean up.

In addition, God also blessed us with a Republican majority in the House of Representatives!

The Democrats got a slight majority in the Senate with 51 seats and 2 independents that Caucus with the Democrats. That’s not too bad of a lead, since it takes 2/3 of the Senate to override Presidential vetos.

Thank you to everyone who fasted, prayed, voted, and worked to defeat Hillary and get Donald Trump elected as our next President.

Please share this Great news with everyone you can!


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