Supreme Court Strikes Down 2 Abortion Restrictions

On Monday the Supreme Court struck down 2 abortion restrictions in a Texas law that would have saved thousands of lives of pre-born children and protected the health of women. However, we cannot give up! If we keep praying and keep fight we will win this war against abortion.

The restrictions were that abortion clinics had to meet the same health and safety requirements as hospital surgical centers and that abortion doctors must have admitting privileges at local hospitals.

These laws would have shutdown most abortion clinics in the State of Texas, saving countless lives of pre-born children.

The proponents of abortion claim to care about women’s health. This proves that they do not. All they care about is money. Many women are injured by abortions every year. These laws were common sense safety requirements to protect the health of women. I do not understand how people can be so deceived into believing that the abortion industry actually cares about women.

You can read more about this Court ruling at

Our Nation and our world is in a mess. There is only one answer to fix these problems. The Elijah revival of Malachi 4:5-6 must come. It is time for it! Jesus is coming soon! We must pray and beg God to send the Elijah revival now! Please read my post about this at

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Thank you.

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