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Take Action! Abolish Obamacare Tax Fine!

People should not be fined by the government for not having health insurance! The government has no right to require people to have health insurance! Health insurance should be left to the open market, not controlled by the government! Furthermore, … Continue reading

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What Would I Do To Save My People?

This video is a song about Esther. It says “What would I say to save my people…would I be willing to simply fast and pray”? I believe God’s judgement (Isaiah 24) is coming soon! We need to fast and pray … Continue reading

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Why The Government Should Stay Out of Education

Nowhere in the Bible does God say that the government is supposed to be involved in education. The Bible says that parents are responsible for educating their children. In addition it is impossible for the government to properly educate every … Continue reading

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Take Action! Demand No Peace Talks With Terrorists!

President Obama may use the UN Security Council to betray Israel and pressure them into having peace talks with the Palestinian Authority, and give into these terrorists demands that Israel not defend its borders. This is ludicrous! The Palestinian Authority … Continue reading

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