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Take Action! Block Porn On All Government Computers

Call the Capitol at 1-202- 224-3121 and tell your Representative to stand with Rep. Walter Jones and urge the Chairman of the┬áHouse Committee on Appropriations to put porn blockers on all Government computers. I personally believe that all porn should … Continue reading

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Evolution’s Flawed Dating Methods

Scientist who believe in evolution say that they know that the earth is millions of years old because the rocks date to be millions of years old. However, we must look at how these rocks are dated. These rocks are … Continue reading

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Geological Proof of Noah’s Flood

The video below explains how that the different strata layers in the geologic column prove Noah’s Flood happened. Children are taught in schools that Noah’s Flood is a myth and never happened. It is important that we continually debunk those … Continue reading

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Pray Texas Abortions Restrictions Are Upheld

The US Supreme Court started hearing oral arguments yesterday concerning whether a Texas law restricting abortions is Constitutional. The law in Texas that is being attacked is the one requiring abortion doctors┬áto have hospital admitting privileges at nearby hospitals so … Continue reading

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