Take Action! Tell Congress to Block Syrian Refugees

The Obama administration is allowing hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees into this Country without checking to make sure these people are not undercover ISIS terrorists. ISIS has already been caught pretending to be Syrian refugees. We need to help protect these Syrians in their own region by helping them destroy ISIS. It is too dangerous to our national security to allow Syrian refugees into America right now.

In addition, ISIS is already in America and committing acts of terrorism. We do not need to take any risks of allowing more ISIS members to come in.

When someone is invading your Country, you do not just open the doors and let them take you over!

Please sign the petition at http://www.gravesforcongress.com/lp-syria-fb/ urging Congress to immediately stop all Syrian refugees from coming into America until we can be sure that they are not terrorists.

Please share this with everyone you can.

Thank you.


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