Take Action! Protect Christians and America From ISIS

ISIS continues to kill Christians across the world and continues to threaten America. We cannot allow ISIS members to come into America covertly pretending to be Syrian refugees. We must defeat ISIS and set up safe havens to protect Christians from ISIS in the region. This is the best answer. We cannot risk our national security by allowing Syrian refugees into this country, while ISIS members are most likely among them.

Please sign the petition at http://aclj.org/national-security/protect-america-from-isis-terror telling President Obama and Congress to defeat ISIS not just contain them, to protect America by stopping all Syrian refugees from coming into this Country because ISIS members are hidden among them, and to protect Christians in Syria and other countries by setting up safe havens for them in their own areas.

They also need to arm the Christians and train them so they can fight back.

Please share this with everyone you can.

Thank you.

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One Response to Take Action! Protect Christians and America From ISIS

  1. Joseph Le Bard says:

    Only one way to defeat issi an that is to cut the head off of there leader (SNAKE) obama

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