Take Action! Stop Boys From Using Girls Locker Rooms

The government is trying to force high schools to allow boys who claim to be transgender to use girls locker rooms. This is evil,  immoral, and dangerous!

In addition, it is unconstitutional! The 4th Amendment says that we have the right to be secure in our persons. Teenage girls are not secure in their persons, if teenage boys are allowed to be in their locker rooms.

The department of Education is threatening a Chicago school with loss of funds if they do not comply with their demands. This is abuse of power!

Do you want your daughter to have to share a locker room with boys?

Please sign the petition at http://afa.net/action-alerts/obamas-jesters-let-boys-use-girls-locker-room-or-else/ demanding that boys not be allowed in girls locker rooms.

Please share this with everyone you can.

Thank you.



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