Take Action! Stop Islamic Indoctrination In Public Schools

Public schools across the nation are requiring children to pray Islamic prayers and say that “allah is the only god.” While Christian students are still being harassed for praying and taking their Bibles to school. This is outright persecution and discrimination.

This indoctrination clearly violates the establishment clause of the First Amendment, because teachers are requiring students to practice a religion.

Students practicing their religion at school does not violate the establishment clause, because they are not employed by the State. Furthermore, teachers simply sharing their opinion with students concerning religion does not violate the establishment clause, because no one is being forced to take part in any religious activities.

Schools should be open to religious discussion because that is a part of learning. However, requiring students to take part in religious activities is establishing a religion, which is clearly in violation of the U.S. Constitution.

Please sign the petition at http://aclj.org/establishment-clause/stop-islamic-indoctrination-in-school to stop this Islamic indoctrination.

Please share this with everyone you can.

Thank you.

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